I'm Larry.

Author, Pastor and Reentry Specialist based in Toledo, Ohio.

I'm dedicating my life to help others succeed in reentry.

I was incarcerated on four occasions for a total of 28 years. I tried (and failed) three times to reintegrate during an era where the challenges that ex-felons face upon reentry were not clearly understood.  My first book, Reentry Realities, is a combination of experience, education, and revelation into the root causes of incarceration and serves as a survival guide for the incarcerated as they prepare to be reintegrated into society as free men and women.

I earned an Associates degree from Ashland University, a four-year certification from Grace Ministries Bible College and graduated from a state-certified counselors training program. I was released in April 2022 and have dedicated my life to being successful – and helping others be successful – in reintegration.

The Toledo Blade recently wrote a very nice story about me and the launch of my book. Have a look at the article here.

My Books

Coming soon!

Larry teaching “Reentry Realities”

In the Classroom

The 18-chapter Reentry Realities book along with the accompanying workbook makes classroom teaching on reentry easy and affordable. Reentry Realities can be taught by an inmate, for inmates. Everything that is necessary to begin a reentry class at your facility is provided. 

Reentry Realities, Hope Deferred

This documentary centers on the relationship between Larry and his reentry mentor Pastor Joe Hoeflinger of Sylvania, Ohio. Larry and Joe met over a decade ago after Larry returned to prison to serve out his fourth prison sentence. Brought together by a Christmas card, the two men describe their journey to develop, teach, and publish a reentry curriculum that helps those released stay out of prison. The film reveals how Larry came to be incarcerated for more than half his adult life, Joe’s commitment to loving the unlovable, and the ways our judicial system fails to recognize reform beyond time served.